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We know you have a choice, so we thank you for considering our family-owned firm. Repeated surveys indicate that reputation is the primary reason for selecting a funeral home. We welcome you to inquire about our reputation from your clergy, neighbors, family and friends, because after three generations of serving Idaho, we already know what they'll tell you.

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Why Choose Yates Funeral Homes

Gilbert Yates began his funeral service career in Coeur d'Alene during the 1930's and founded the Yates Funeral Home in 1952 after graduating from college and serving with the U.S. Navy during W.W. II. It was his desire to be of service to the members of his community during their most difficult times. That philosophy still continues to inspire the Yates family and staff after three generations.

Our North Idaho communities are uniquely diverse in beliefs, cultures and backgrounds. Therefore we offer a staff of professionally trained and licensed men and women who fully appreciate these differences and have a heartfelt understanding and respect for the special needs of all whom we serve. Each of our funeral homes offers a complete range of services with their own unique décor and surroundings. Receptions at our Gathering Center are also available, at no charge, for those families having a service of remembrance or celebration.

We are proud to be family owned. We have two facilities, our own crematory, a pre-planning insurance agency, and an ownership in a local cemetery. We are funeral directors, morticians, military veterans, coaches, teachers, volunteer firemen, and members of churches, fraternal organizations and civic groups. Gilbert Yates, Dexter Yates and Eli Yates are all past presidents of the Idaho State Funeral Directors Association, and we are active in the National Funeral Directors Association.

We believe our work is a "mission" and it is our privilege to be of service to your family. We are small enough to care and large enough to serve. We are intent on providing the best level of care, understanding, and compassion to the citizens of North Idaho, and all with a competitive range of prices.

Funeral & Burial Services

A funeral represents a purposeful opportunity to reflect on the meaning of a life that has been lived and to determine the impact of that meaning for the family and friends. There is no single proper funeral service. It is a time for human sharing in its deepest sense. You and the ones you love are at the very center of the process, and the choices you make will determine its significance for you. As you participate in the planning of the funeral service, you help create a meaningful experience for everyone.

It is the goal of Yates Funeral Homes to help people complete the relationship with the one who has died and to provide a climate that encourages each person to give and receive emotional support. During the funeral service, family and friends have the opportunity to relate to each other at the deepest levels and find mutual strength.

Traditionally, the funeral will be a Complete Funeral Service. This includes a family or public viewing of the deceased. Following this will be a service, typically in the church or at the funeral home. This would be followed by the earth or above ground burial of the casketed remains.

The Graveside Service can be another selection. Quite often this would follow a time of visitation at the funeral home. The casketed remains would then be transferred to the cemetery where a graveside ceremony could take place followed by the burial.

Cremation Services

The number of people choosing cremation has increased significantly in the past few years, yet cremation carries a long tradition and remains largely unchanged.

Cremation simply expedites the process of reducing a body to bone fragments through application of intense heat.

What is done before or after the cremation is up to the survivors, or up to you. You can relieve the burden of these decisions by pre-planning your arrangements in advance of need so that your wishes will be honored.

Contrary to what some people believe, Cremation does not limit choices, but, in fact, increases one’s options. It is a process which is performed in a respectful and dignified manner and can be memorialized in many ways.

Cremation and Funerals

Choosing cremation neither eliminates nor does it require a funeral service. Traditional or contemporary services are often planned before or after the cremation process. A funeral service followed by cremation may be exactly the same as a funeral service followed by ground burial. They can be elaborate or simple and traditional or nontraditional. Arrangements and ceremonies tend to be as individual as the persons for whom and by whom they are made.They may be personalized specifically to reflect the life of the deceased, and thus have a special meaning. Yates Funeral Home is able to assist in any and all of your Funeral Service needs. To obtain more information on funeral services call (208) 664-3151.

The Complete Cremation Service will be just like a Complete Funeral Service except cremation will follow instead of the casketed burial. This can be accommodated by the use of a cremation casket (casket that is designed to be cremated) or the use of a rental casket. Following the viewing, service or ceremony, and eventual cremation, the cremated remains can be buried, properly scattered, or returned to the family for safe keeping. Urns are used to hold the cremated remains. Urns can be constructed out of basic materials like cardboard or plastic, or constructed out of more protective materials like basic and semi-precious metals, ceramics, and woods.

The Immediate Cremation Service can be arranged as an immediate disposition of the body, but is most times followed by a memorial service at the church, funeral home or other location. A Memorial Service is one where the body is not present. We recommend that if you select an immediate cremation that you are allowed a time, if possible, to privately view the body as a family. If the viewing can be done in a matter of a few hours after the death then embalming will not be necessary. If there is to be a long delay (more than 24 hours) then embalming may be required. Viewing of the deceased is a very important step in acknowledging that the death has occurred. Having some type of service or ceremony is also a key ingredient to a healthy recovery of a loss due to a death.

A Direct Cremation refers to a cremation being provided, while limiting funeral services to the removal and transportation of the deceased into our care.

Importance of Memorialization

Memorialization provides a permanent, secure place for cremated remains to be placed, and for family members and descendants to honor the lives of the deceased.

Cremation allows families many choices for memorializing a loved one. Some families choose to keep the cremated remains with them at home, or to scatter the remains over land or water. Yates Funeral Home allows the following memorialization options, among others, for cremated remains:

Memorialization Options for Cremation:

OUTDOOR NICHES - The cremated remains of your loved ones may be safely held in one of our many above ground columbarium niches.

SCATTERING – Your loved one’s remains may be scattered freely within a dedicated, natural environment. There are also certain services which offer scattering among the sea or the stars.

TRADITIONAL BURIAL – In ground burial on a family plot – Urns may be buried at the head or foot of a grave site.

PERSONALIZED MEMORIALIZATION – Inscribe your family member’s name and a special saying on a tree plaque, park bench or other special memorial. We also have custom, unique urns and keepsakes, perfect for displaying inside your home. For an overview of these items, please visit our Merchandise pages, or contact us directly and we will help you with your needs.


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What to Do when Death Occurs

  1. After a death has occurred, notify Yates Funeral Homes & Cremation by calling 208-664-3151 or any of our locations. The following are some questions that we may ask when you call:
    • What is the full name of the deceased?
    • What is the location of the deceased (Hospital, Nursing Facility or Residence)?
    • What is your name, address and telephone number?
    • What is the name, address and phone number of the next-of-kin?
    • Is there a pre-arranged funeral plan? (If yes, what is the plan name or number?)

    We will then set an appointment time for you to come to the funeral home to complete the details of the funeral arrangement. We will ask you to bring in some items and information that will be necessary to complete the arrangement. These items will include:

    • Clothing for the deceased
    • Social security number of the deceased
    • The deceased's birth date and city and state of birth
    • The deceased's parents names, including mother's maiden name
    • Information about the deceased's education
    • Marital status of the deceased
    • Veteran's discharge papers or Claim Number
    • A recent photograph of the deceased
    • Pre-arrangement paperwork (if applicable)
    • Cemetery lot information (if applicable)
  2. Contact your clergy. Decide on a time and place for the funeral or memorial service (the services may be held at the funeral home)
  3. The funeral home will assist you in determining the number of copies of the death certificates that you will need and will order them for you
  4. Make a list of family, friends and business colleagues, and notify each by phone. You may wish to use a "branching" system: make a few phone calls to other relatives or friends and ask each of them to make a phone call or two to specific people
  5. Decide on an appropriate charity to which gifts may be made (church, hospice, library, organization, school)
  6. Gather obituary information, including a photo, age, place of birth, cause of death, occupation, college degrees, memberships held, military service, outstanding work and a list of survivors in the immediate family. Include the time and place of the funeral services. The funeral home will usually write the obituary and submit it to the newspaper(s)
  7. Arrange for family members and/or close friends to take turns answering the door or phone. Keeping a careful record of visitors and flower deliveries will make it easier to thank people later on
  8. If Social Security checks are deposited automatically, notify the bank of the death
  9. Coordinate the food supply in your home for the next several days
  10. Delegate special needs of the household, such as cleaning, food preparation, etc., to friends and family who offer their help
  11. Arrange for child care, if necessary
  12. Arrange hospitality for visiting relatives and friends
  13. Select pallbearers and notify the funeral home. (People with heart or back difficulties may be named honorary pallbearers)
  14. Plan for the disposition of flowers after the funeral (to a church, hospital or rest home)
  15. Prepare a list of distant friends and relatives to be notified by letter and/or printed notice
  16. Prepare a list of people to receive acknowledgments of flowers, calls, etc. Send appropriate acknowledgments, which may be a written note, printed acknowledgments, or both. Include "thank yous" to those who have given their time, as well
  17. Notify insurance companies of the death
  18. Locate the will and notify the lawyer and executor
  19. Carefully check all life and casualty insurance and death benefits, including Social Security, credit union, trade union, fraternal, and military. Check on possible income for survivors from these sources
  20. Check promptly on all debts and installment payments, including credit cards. Some may carry insurance clauses that will cancel them. If there is to be a delay in meeting payments, consult with creditors and ask for more time before the payments are due
  21. If the deceased was living alone, notify the utility companies and landlord and tell the post office where to send the mail
  22. Your Funeral Director will prepare the necessary Social Security forms.

Welcome to the Yates Funeral Homes & Cremation.

We know you have a choice, so we thank you for considering our family-owned firm. Repeated surveys indicate that reputation is the primary reason for selecting a funeral home. We welcome you to inquire about our reputation from your clergy, neighbors, family and friends, because after three generations of serving Idaho, we already know what they'll tell you.

For more information, please call our main office at 208-664-3151, email us, or explore our mobile web site or standard Web site.

Thank you.